Conservatory Cleaning Services

We clean your glass panels, frames, guttering and down pipe as part of our standard conservatory cleaning service.

Conservatory Cleaning in Sevenoaks Kent

This service is designed to restore your conservatory to its former glory (or as close to it as possible) and protect it for the future.

Why you should clean your conservatory

Apart from the obvious aesthetic reasons, it’s important to maintain and care for your conservatory in order to reduce the need for future repairs.

Over time your conservatory will accumulate a mixture of  dirt, bird mess, moss and algae which if left untouched, can cause unnecessary damage such as irreversible discolouration to uPVC and the corrosion of metal – which can cause leaks.

Why you shouldn’t use a pressure washer

Since the advent of domestic pressure washers, we have seen many home owners attempt to clean their conservatory in a bid to save on costs.

Unfortunately this is a false economy, because while your pressure washer will seemingly get the roof clean, it can also cause terrible damage the seals of the glass or plastic roof panels.

Not only this, the water from your tap contains many impurities which will be left behind on the glass visible from the inside.

Peace of mind

It is much cleaner, safer and more efficient to clean a conservatory with purified water and water fed telescoping poles. This will ensure that the task can be completed safely from the ground and your conservatory will stay cleaner for longer. Even though the water is pouring out of the brush, it’s not pressurised.

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