Window Cleaning Services

We clean glass, window sills and window frames as part of our standard window cleaning service.

High Level Window Cleaning Services in Sevenoaks

We provide streak free and smear free interior and exterior window cleaning services using 100% purified hot water. Our reach and wash system means that you will get a safe and efficient service which results in perfectly clean windows.

Why your windows stay clean for longer

Unlike many traditional window cleaners, who use a mixture of tap water and rags and soapy cleaning agents, we use heated water that has been completely purified.

After your windows have been cleaned, there will be absolutely no residue left on your windows. This means that any dirt that would usually attach itself to very stubborn film of detergent residue, has nothing to stick to – so it takes a lot longer for the glass to become dirty.

The result is water that is much gentler on your PVC and window seals and windows that stay sparkling clean for longer

Why we use heated water

We use heated water for the same reason washing machines and dish washers. Heated water dissolves dirt far more easily than cooler water and is essential when trying to remove tough dirt, dust and grease from glass.

We carry clean purified water with us at all times so that you never have to supply us with water. No more dirty, recycled water from a bucket.

Reach and wash

We care about the health and wellbeing of our team and that’s why we have invested in state of the art technology. Our reach and wash system dramatically improves the safety of our team, in what is seen to be a hazardous profession.

We clean at ground level with telescoping poles so there is less risk of damage to your property. You never need to worry about ladder marks on your sill or wall, broken roof tiles or dislodged guttering from careless ladder placement.

We are able to easily clean windows which are usually impossible for a normal window cleaner to reach safely with a ladder.  Those awkward windows, conservatory roofs and  3 or 4 storey windows can be easily accessed with our system.

And in addition for your benefit the safe operation from the ground also means we can clean your windows throughout the winter – as we stand safely on the ground we don’t have to worry about a slippery ground, where the ladder would normally slide.

No chemicals, No ladders, No Fuss. Contact us today to get started.